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A Few Updates and the Future

As some of you know and have watched or heard, I stopped producing content for Magic the Gathering. That includes Magic With Zuby and anything else related to it. It was a very hard decision for me to make but I feel like it was the right one. Since the announcement I had a lot of heartfelt thanks and well wishes and I appreciate every single one of you who did reach out. It meant a lot. It was almost enough for me to take it all back and continue one but I know I would get back into the same rut I was in.

If you didn’t listen to the last podcast or read my twitter statement here are some of the reasons why.

The Ship was sinking

Let’s be honest. I know the Podcast was not huge by any means, it did not have a far reaching audience and I never did have a solid format for it. The format of the show was basically what I wanted to talk about and whenever I had a guest on to interview, it was someone I genuinely wanted to talk too. If you’ve listened to my interviews, they were never very Magic centric and that possibly could’ve done some harm to me. Everyone tells you to just focus on the content and the people will come. What happens when the people come and then just suddenly leave?

I keep track of my Podcast stats ever since 2016. I like to go year by year and see how I did over the course of the year and see why I had certain spikes in some months or lulls in others, I had been doing that from the beginning. When 2019 hit I noticed a large drop in downloads/views and I had no clue why. Where I was going up year by year I noticed a decline that started in mid 2018 and a sharp drop off in 2019. I was definitely in a panic and I was trying to think of ways and reasons why and how to stop this from happening. I was working and planning on ways to maybe get the numbers back up by doing different forms of content but found myself asking over and over again, why?

Why go through all this trouble? The podcast did become a second job for me and it was one I enjoyed very much. I loved doing it, I loved meeting the people I met and talking about Magic and everything related to Magic so what changed? The impact of losing downloads/views was definitely huge for me but something else changed. I realized it was becoming too much of a time burden. As I mentioned in my previous article, “The Other Side of Content Creation.” Making and producing the podcast is the easy part, getting it out there is the hard part. I found myself spending too much time trying to get known and get my product out there and the returns were diminishing faster than I could keep up. My time is precious, and unfortunately in our world money is also precious. It was becoming not worth it to me, financially and mentally to keep doing the content. Too much time put in for so little return.

Drifting in the Current

When I first started the podcast, I was not in a good place in my life. There was just a lot of stuff going on with me personally, and professionally to where I was just not happy. The podcast and doing content creation was a good escape for me. Last year, 2018, was one of the hardest years for me personally and this content was an escape. As things in 2018 started looking up and things in my life were getting to a better place I noticed more and more I was feeling less gratification from doing Magic content.

Right now, I am in a good place in my life both personally and professionally and as I mentioned before my time is precious to me, so why work on something that not only gives me barely any satisfaction but also something that is just sinking slowly? Perhaps I turned to content creation as a crutch originally to help me feel good and when things started getting better in my life I no longer needed to do this.

I’m not saying this is everybody but some people I’ve met in the content creation game they too have been/were not in good places in their lives and they devote all this time and energy into something that overall, to me, seems superfluous. I have to constantly ask myself, what do I want out of this? If I just wanted to create content for fun, then yea, I probably wouldn’t have put as much effort as I did into this. If I wanted to create a business or something more out of it, you have to invest the time and energy and with everything sinking down, I wasn’t seeing the point anymore and I didn’t really feel the need or want to do it anymore.

What am I trying to say? Magic With Zuby became something more than just a podcast. It was becoming a business and with the business model I had set up failing, I essentially pulled the plug on it. I know what I would have to do to bring it back to life but to me, it was not worth it.

Be Careful of the Riptide

I’ve mentioned before that social media is both a blessing and a curse. Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook are wonderful tools for content creators for engaging with your audiences. There are a lot of problems it also creates. Let’s look at Magic Twitter for one.

There have been so many times throughout the past few years I have seen good people in the MTG community blackballed or jumped on for just speaking or having an opinion, even if that person was trying to not be malicious. A lot of that behavior disgusted me. I’m not going to get into details or name name’s but there is just too much in fighting going on for MTG Twitter and nothing has changed in the past few years.

It gets tiresome. Even though I sometimes relish in the drama, at the same time I hate it as well. All the fighting and arguing I see on the platform just feels so…pointless? I just ask myself, why worry about what this one person said when it doesn’t affect me? I’ve adopted the mute the person and move on mentality. If it’s one person spouting nonsense, mute/block and move on. I got too fixated on the drama of the week/day/hour and just saw a real ugly side to social media on all the platforms. I don’t want or need that in my life.

Coming Ashore

Let’s start taking this home here.

So above are some of the main reasons why I’m stopping Magic content creation. I’m not stopping content creation altogether though. I have some plans up my sleeves that I hope to share soon. I’m actually working on a rough draft right now on the product. RPG Companion Podcast is NOT going away but as usual, will still be very inconsistent and will be uploaded when I feel like it.

As you can probably tell, I’ve been pretty focused on RPG’s, which has always been a passion of mine along with Magic but this time I’m focusing on my local area to try and build up more of a scene. I’ve stopped going to FNM and instead been doing Friday Night DnD nights at my LGS and been talking with the LGS owner to maybe run a few beginner classes for people interested in DnD. I want to build that community up some more locally.

I know I’ve mentioned in the past about doing a DnD livestream. I still have an interest in doing that but need to find the time and the right people! So if you know some people or you are one of those people, hit me up!

That’s enough rambling out of me today. If you read this far, thank you for taking your time reading this, thank you and have a great day!


  1. Face-Eating Zombie Mockingbird
    Face-Eating Zombie Mockingbird March 28, 2019

    I finally remembered to look up your DnD podcast and saw you weren’t making M w/ Z anymore. That makes me sad and I’ll have a bit to say about it after listening to the last MwZ to get an informed opinion, but, hey, you do you.

    Now… umm… I can’t seem to find your DnD podcast. Is it just those couple episodes of RPG Companion? I recall you saying you were RPing with another podcast I don’t remember, is it that? I am confused. Who’s face do I have to eat to get some content here? Just point me in a direction and something will lose a face. …so hungry. …but I promise not to eat your face. …until I listen to the last M w/ Z, THEN I will eat your face. :->

    • Magic With Zuby
      Magic With Zuby April 9, 2019

      Yes it is RPG Companion is the DnD/RPG podcast.

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