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Projects in the Works

Hey all! Another update post here. Maybe I should try to do one of these once a month? Not sure exactly. But here are some upcoming projects/episodes I am currently working on for the show!

The Christmas Episode and End of the Year episode for Magic with Zuby is being worked on, the Christmas episode will air next Friday December 22nd and the End of the Year episode will air Friday December 28th.

A new RPG Companion podcast is being released this Sunday, December 16th! It will be about being a first time DM. Another episode is already in the works for RPG Companion and that will be a review of Matt Colville’s new Strongholds and Followers book that just released today! So look forward to that!

I have some exciting things coming up for the Magic With Zuby podcast, more guests I’m working on scheduling and some other exciting things relating to Ravnica Allegiance’s. There will be another complete set review of Ravnica Allegiance just like there was for Guilds of Ravnica so look forward to that next month!

What else? Well, the DnD livestream I mentioned? That is still in the works, I’m working on recruiting some players that can commit and also some logistics and details of how it will be streamed as well. I want this to happen, so it will happen.

I’m also working on some Magic With Zuby gear, maybe a giveaway is in order once that comes out? We shall see! Stay tuned.

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