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Standard – RB Eldrazi Aggro

After having played many 3 to 4 colored decks in Standard since Battle for Zendikar has dropped, I started to miss some of the simplicity that 2 colored decks can provide. I’ve already done one write up about Boros aggro but it does splash green. Today’s deck is purely a 2 colored deck and one that I’ve found to be quite fun.


I’ve done quite a bit of testing with this deck and I’ve found it to be quite fun. It may not be as fast and explosive as Atarka Red but it has the possibility of swarming the board. So let’s go over some of the creatures in the deck and against some of the common match ups you may face.


Dominator Drone: A 3/2 for 2B? While not that great as a vanilla creature, what makes him an addition to this deck? The fact that we’re an aggro deck and the only thing we care about is killing the opponent as quickly as we can, dealing 2 damage as soon as it resolves just helps us further that goal of winning. It won’t always deal the 2 damage but there is a high probability you will have another colorless creature out.

Dust Stalker: While a 4 CMC is not a typical creature you like to see in an aggro list, this guy was just too good to let go. I’m still experimenting with using 2 instead of 3 but a 5/3 haste which may also return to your hand in case your board was wiped the previous turn isn’t that bad. It’s never fun taking 5 damage if you’re on the receiving end.

Eldrazi Obligator: I wasn’t too sold on using this little guy at first. A 2R 3/1 with haste but also has the ability to steal an opponent’s creature for a turn for 1<>? It was sold for me the moment I was able to steal my opponent’s Siege Rhino or [insert big creature here]. You won’t get 5 mana on the field that often so don’t rely on his ability too much.

Flayer Drone: A 3/1 3CMC with First Strike is ok but I liked the added ability of opponent’s taking 1 damage whenever another colorless creature enters the battlefield. It’s just another way to get your opponent’s life down faster.

Forerunner of Slaughter: This is the card that sparked the brewer in me. I love that is gives haste to other colorless creatures and just for 1 mana. I feel this card is a must in any RB Eldrazi Aggro shell.

Sludge Crawler: Our only one drop creature in the deck and not a bad one. With it’s ability to ingest and also be pumped, he’s more than meets the eyes.

Vile Aggregate: At first I was not even considering this creature when I was first building the deck but after playing with it more, I’m sold. It’s easy to get to Siege Rhino power and it can take a few punches as well. The Trample and Ingest sold it for me as well.

Wasteland Strangler: This card has the potential to be a good 2 for 1. If you were able to ingest your opponent you also have the ability to destroy one of his creatures after casting this guy.


Ghostfire Blade: Ever since Khans of Tarkir has dropped, this has been one of my favorite equipment’s throughout it’s whole standard. Only costs 1 to play and with our deck, 1 to equip. It was a no brainer to include this in the deck.

Murderous Cut: This is our only removal spell in the deck if you don’t count Wasteland Strangler since he is not guaranteed to remove a creature.

Titan’s Strength: Too good of a pump spell to pass up and with it’s scry ability, it only further helps us. Not much else to say.


Duress: Knowing is half the battle isn’t it? Put this card in if you suspect or know that your opponent is going to be playing a board wipe spell.

Murderous Cut: Sometimes adding in 1 or 2 more Murderous Cut isn’t bad. Especially if games can draw out longer and you need to kill some of those big creatures of their’s. Adding this is a safe bet.

Rending Volley: A burn spell that can’t be countered is never a bad card.

Roast: Need to kill those pesky Siege Rhinos? This is the card you want!

Self-Inflicted Wound: This card is pretty useful if they have one creature on the field but if they have multiple, not so much.

Transgress the Mind: I would mainly board this in against Eldrazi Ramp as that is getting more and more popular.

Ultimate Price: Once again a solid kill spell if your opponent plays a lot of mono colored creatures.

I feel like this deck shines pretty well in Game 1. In all my testing I have done, game 1 usually goes without a hitch. Game 2 and 3 is where it can be tricky. Depending on the type of deck you’re up against will determine whether you still need to go fast and kill quickly or stay back a little bit and control the board a bit.

This deck is a perfectly good and fun deck to take to your LGS for FNM. I doubt it would do well above that level. It’s also relatively cheap to build. If you can’t afford the fetches in it I would replace them with Evolving Wilds and one more basic land of your choice.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more brews! I’m working on a U/R Prowess one next for Standard!

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