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Upcoming RPG Companion Episodes and Streams??

Today is the day when the first RPG Companion episode comes out and I’m super excited to share it with you all. I wanted to go a little into what I have planned for the companion show as well as some other announcements related to it.

First, what other episodes do I have planned? I’ve already begun work on the script for the next 2 episodes. As I’ve mentioned before these episodes will not be weekly and they will be a bit more curated than my typical Magic With Zuby episodes. The next two topics will be about my very first DM session and then dealing with THAT player at your table. I also have a series in mind where I want to create a character in each DnD system as well as maybe Pathfinder.

Secondly, a possible livestream in the works? Yes, you heard that correctly. I want to begin a DnD livestream session and possibly upload the VODs and maybe even convert it to audio for the podcast, if people are interested in that I may do it, but a livestream is definitely in the works. I just need to learn how to use Roll20 or maybe Fantasy Grounds?

That’s it about RPG Companion for now. Expect more coming up!

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